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LifeCircle Australia provides support for the carers

Every day, thousands of Australians are caring for a loved one who is dying. Not medical professionals. Ordinary people. Sons, daughters, mothers, fathers. Family and friends. If you’re one of them – or are considering it – welcome. It’s a wonderful thing you’re doing. We know it won’t always feel that way, though.

LifeCircle is here to support you, by bringing experience and information into one place. Here you can talk to an expert guide, listen to other people’s stories, find resources to assist you, ask general questions or just read. Our goal is to help you have more time to share – when it really matters.

NOTE: LifeCircle Australia is not aligned or affiliated with LifeCircle Switzerland, assisted dying or euthanasia.
LifeCircle Australia designs and delivers solutions to support people who are caring for someone at the end of life.

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It can be hard to know how to care for someone who is dying. To help you, we’ve gathered useful information and links into one place.

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All our guides have cared personally for people who have died. They can give you free one-on-one support, at a time that suits you.

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Ask a question. Share your experience. Support someone. Join us in open, honest conversations about dying and the good and bad of caring.

Alia's story

Alia cared for her mother at home because she doesn’t want her to be moved to a nursing home....

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Kat's story

Katriona moved back home to help cared for her dad after he was diagnosed with lung cancer....

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Col's story

Col cared for his wife Sonya who suffered from a rare lung condition for several years....

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Rose's story

Rose's partner, Steve, died at the age of 67. 3 years after diagnosed with Bowel Cancer....

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Dale's Story

Dale cared for his wife, Alicia, 36, who is terminally ill with a rare gastrointestinal cancer....

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Beate's story

Beate Steller cared for her mother, who died from pancreatic cancer at age 74....

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Geraldine's story

Geraldine cared for her daughter, Lisa, who died at the age of 34 from stomach cancer....

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Jan's story as a LifeCircle guide

"Dying has become a taboo topic in our society, we often don't know what question to ask."...

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