“We need the courage to promote a discussion about a subject that we might dislike but cannot avoid.” 

Grattan Institute Report – Dying Well 2014

Philanthropic Partnership Insights

LifeCircle’s philanthropic partnerships are an essential part of our journey and success to help more Australians as they care for someone through the end of life.

Key insights have emerged from our conversations across the business and philanthropic communities.

The lack of guidance and support around death and dying represents a significant (and growing) factor for human suffering – and cost to society. No sector or community is immune to this burden.

Improving the experience of the last stages of life is a complex and sensitive issue which cannot be solved quickly and by any one organisation or sector alone. Commitment and investment will be needed over the long term from philanthropy, corporate partners and government.

LifeCircle’s model of parallel care helps families when the life of a loved one is nearing completion. We help people to make the most of this precious time together and to make the decisions that are right for their families, and their circumstances.
Our solutions will deliver:
(i) better outcomes and experiences for Australians at the end of life;
(ii) more resilience & reduced regrets for those who care for them;
(iii) reductions in hospital utilisation rates; and
(iv) new models and standards of care.

LifeCircle is driving national traction and impact, scaling through targeted partner referrals. Ultimately, this integrated system of support is set to change industry and government standards in supporting caregivers.

Through investment and reach, the private sector and government will be a critical part of the solution, but they are at the same time beneficiaries of the significant efficiencies, savings and satisfaction created. This is the foundation of LifeCircle’s future sustainability.

LifeCircle’s mission, model and management have been independently validated and found to be an excellent approach to solving the problem.
As a social enterprise, LifeCircle’s journey to sustainability will require a blended funding model of philanthropic seed funding, commercial revenue and government investment.


Philanthropic Partnerships – The Accelerator

Philanthropic investment provides essential seed funding and capacity building to allow LifeCircle’s rapid, impactful acceleration and scale. This investment funds key roles, resources, tasks and overheads that are critical to the success of the FY20 – FY25 strategy.

LifeCircle aims to build a coalition of aligned philanthropic organisations and foundations, to invest in our growth and scale, collectively leveraging funding and mitigating risk, alongside our cornerstone partners, Snow Foundation, and Wicking Trust.

Our success, scale and impact are heavily dependant on the support and investment of this coalition.

Importantly, we are not building a long-term dependency on philanthropy. Research provided by The Difference Incubator confirms that successful social enterprises require philanthropic support for 5-7 years – and 50% of the funding raised will be required in the first 3 years.

During this time, LifeCircle will grow significant revenue from shared value partnerships with early-adopting private sector customers in each of the key industries (insurance, aged care, health care, financial services). LifeCircle’s solutions in industry partners create greater capability and resilience, excelling in care and conversations around the last stages of life. Customers are guided and supported, can make the decisions that are right for their families, and are more able to make the most of this precious time together.

LifeCircle will also invest in building strong multi-level government relationships, targeting our growing evidence base, proving the impact and value of our model to the public health system and securing medium-term government funding for our solutions.

We have provided the key documents detailing the nature and importance of the problem, our point of arrival, a credible path to scale and impact, the critical role of philanthropy in our success, and the details of our team and model. Download here

Please join us to drive structural and cultural change around the last stages of life in Australia. To talk further about how to partner with LifeCircle as part of our philanthropic coalition, please contact Julia Erben, Head of Growth. julia@lifecircle.org.au


About LifeCircle

LifeCircle is an integrated system of guidance and support that helps families when the life of a loved one is nearing completion. 

We help people to make the most of this precious stage of life together, and to make the decisions that are right for their families, and their circumstances.

We are driving practical and positive change, enabled through technology.

Despite the certainty of death, most families are uncertain, unprepared and unsupported.

Of the 120,000pa predictable deaths in Australia, over 50% have regretful outcomes.

LifeCircle believes this deficit stems from two problems and that we can solve both.
The first is the persistent failure to acknowledge and navigate the life stage just prior to death. We’ve recognised this final life stage as Accompaniment and we guide people through it. 

The second is our death-denying culture means we don’t have the language, or a way to talk about this. Our Gentle Authority practice helps people deal with death in terms they can accept – with language, behaviours and support that are proven to be helpful.

We have 30 years deep experience solving both problems through a face-to-face model. We are now scaling up with an integrated system of parallel care, that sits alongside medical care.

Our solutions help to reduce the costs and consequences associated with the end of life – both social and economic.


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