LifeCircle’s work has three critical areas of focus.

Firstly, we connect people who are caring for a dying family member or friend to information and advice to help them make choices about end of life matters.

We can draw on the wisdom of many people who have ‘been there before’, as well as a wealth of existing information – from advice on palliative care to ideas on making the most of the final days of life.

Our role is to be the circle that connects all these resources, as well as being a valuable contributor ourselves.

Secondly, we enhance the capacity of carers and families to care for themselves and care for each other, as well as caring for the person who is dying.

We do this through a range of strategic partnerships and collaborations with organisations who share our belief.

And thirdly, we continue to work to remove the social stigma around dying, to bring it into the open and accepted as a natural part of life.